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As the BASF premium paint line, Glasurit has offered world-class quality paired with advanced German technologies for more than 100 years. The Glasurit high-quality finish is unmistakable due to its characteristic durability and European-style gloss. OEMs trust our refinish paint brand; Glasurit has earned more OEM approvals than any other on the market. Glasurit’s latest innovation, 100 Line, helps customers take their businesses to the next level, improve their environmental footprint and drive overall performance. 



The perfect solution for every vehicle and every color: Outstanding hiding power, easy application and optimal process times make 90 Line a genuine all-round talent among automotive coatings, both for solid and for metallic and special-effect colours. It’s no coincidence that 90 Line is the most successful waterborne basecoat system on the European market. The secret of this success is the perfect harmony of the basecoat and colour system. in addition to its completely straightforward workflow, 90 Line ensures optimal colour accuracy thanks to the integrated Color Profi System. Over millions of colors, from the early days of the automobile to special effects for the models of tomorrow, can be reproduced quickly, easily, and practically. With its simple and reliable colour identification, 90 Line guarantees an optimal refinishing solution for every colour.


Glasurit 68 Line topcoat system delivers first-class results across the board. It can be used flexibly for applications ranging from original coating to refinishing and offers the perfect solution for all vehicles, from tippers to buses. It's brilliant, efficient, and durable. The HS 2K CV topcoat system offers superior brilliance thanks to the 568-M 135 Mixing Clear with its outstanding gloss and flow. When it comes to efficient application, the topcoat system offers first-class performance – with low consumption in the ready-for-use mixture, along with quick drying and a perfect surface in only 1.5 spraycoats. That adds up to a high throughput, short waiting times and in the end, quick job completion. On top of that, 68 Line also offers a unique range of colors. From a selection of around 20 mixing bases, 55,000 different colors can be mixed. 68 Line offers top-of-the-line commercial vehicle finishing. Brilliant. Efficient. Durable.

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