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Automotive Refinish Solutions supply A-Premium Automotive and Commercial paints to all segments of the repair industry (large or small refinish auto body repairers) Our premium product line (Glasurit) are approved by all major OEMs and therefore form a valuable part of the audits carried out by car manufactures in auto body repair shops to ensure the quality of repair in all processes.

We also supply a value for money Paint Brand (Baslac) that offers a modern solution for quick and best result refinish repairs jobs especially for non-OEM-approved body shops. This product has been well received as the market need was well identified.



A long, proud history of being the ultimate in finishes. Our products are created to work together as a system and provide a quality, long-lasting finish. Glasurit basecoats, clears, and primers have specific chemical  components that are designed to link to each other so that each layer in the coating film is compatible with the others. By adhering to the system principles, Glasurit provides logical, easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable products that yield world class finishes.

BASLAC 6.jpeg


​​The profitable easy-to-use refinishing solution – baslac® offers you an overall modern solution to do all refinishing jobs on the car quickly and with best results. As part of BASF, a leading global manufacturer, baslac® provides reliable color competence, excellent product quality and a modern, e-oriented customer service.

So easy, so effective – baslac® provides you a lean and easy to use range of high-quality refinishing products at a cost-effective price. The specially designed portfolio offers all the products required to complete a professional repair with outstanding results.

Best results in color match - The identification of color is a critical part of professional automotive refinish. Our baslac color tools are comprehensive and easy to use to help you quickly achieve the best results.

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